Easy Gifts from the Kitchen: Berry Filled Ornament

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear Glass Ball Ornament (Available at AC Moore or Michaels)
  • Small Artificial Berries or Artificial Berry Picks
  • 18" of 5/8" wide to 7/8" wide ribbon
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

Use the photo as a guide
  • Separate the 2 pieces of the plastic ornament.
  • Use wire cutters to cut individual berries from the stems.
  • Fill the plastic ornament with the berries.
  • Replace other half of ornament and snap securely to close.
  • Hot glue a small cluster of berries around top of ornament.
  • Fold the ribbon in half and put a knot on the end, as shown.
  • Hot glue the ribbon in the center of the berry cluster. You may have to glue a few berries to cover where the ribbon was added.
  • Hot glue leaves or extra pieces from the remaining picks under the cluster of berries to give it an added accent.

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